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Winning your Boss through Effective Communication Methods

A course intended towards enabling a professional in "Winning the Boss" through effective communication methods. A short and engaging journey through practical tips to win the boss's confidence and goodwill, also covering the 'thought process' behind workplace relationships.

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About this course

We all know the importance of workplace relationships. Almost every day at our offices, we experience the advantages of good working relationships and disadvantages of not to so good ones. Many "problems", "obstacles" and "hindrances" which look "task-related" or "work-related" actually have a dysfunctional workplace relationship at their core. And this stands true for all levels of the organization.

And yet, how many times do we take conscious efforts to "craft" an effective workplace relationship in a certain way? Only sometimes. Just as we do with our personal relationships, we leave workplace relationships on their own, assuming they will "mend themselves".  

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Course Objectives

This course on winning your boss through effective communication methods is aimed at:

  • Developing the right "Lens" to perceive and understand the boss's actions
  • Understanding the sea difference communication can make in a workplace relationship
  • Understanding importance and utility of "Tactful Behavior" at workplace
Who is this course for?

This course is for all working professionals between the experience bracket of 0 to 10 years. Taking up this course will enable you to learn the communication methods for better workplace relationships.

Course Plan

1. Introduction to the course
1 video
2. Method 1- Align with the boss, proactively
2 videos
The input 04:50

Story 02:53
3. Method 2- Make your boss a part of the solution rather than the problem
3 videos
The input 03:49

Understanding the theory 05:18

Story 03:55
4. Method 3- Take efforts to make your boss look good with his boss
3 videos
The input 01:42

Opportunities 11:13

Story 02:55
5. Method 4- Say 'no' to your boss without offending him
3 videos
The input 02:36

3 suggested ways of saying 'no' 06:22

Story 02:49
6. Method 5- Diffuse friction with the boss before it becomes a conflict
4 videos
The input 02:00

The right time 01:17

The right way 04:17

Story 01:45
7. Ending Note
1 video
Conclusion 01:47

Meet the Author

Avijit Shastri
Independent Consultant, Entrepreneur || Economic Times Young Leader - 2012 || People Matters Emerging HR Leader - 2015
Avijit has been an HR business partner throughout his career. He has worked closely with Factory teams as well as Sales and Marketing teams across companies like Nestle, Cadbury and Tata Motors. Avijit has won two national level awards in his career. The first one is Economic Times Young Leader Award in 2012. The second one is People Matters Emerging HR Leader Award in 2015. Avijit is passionate about sharing whatever he has learnt in these 11 years about Organizations and People. He wants to use his experiences to enable professionals in excelling in their careers. He plans to do so thru the medium of e- learning courses, reinforced by one-to-one coaching.
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