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Road to IAS: Civil Services Exam - UPSC Prelims GS (CSAT)

Subscribe to this unique video preparation guide to UPSC Civil Service Examination's Prelims stage and learn all the essential knowledge from a comprehensive series of short, convenient, content-rich videos.

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Course Introduction:

This course has been designed to enhance the efficiency of the time spent in preparing for the UPSC prelims exam by giving the required fundamentals in a series of videos. The videos are packing with essential information, and can be watched at a person's convenience, while eating, while traveling, while chilling on the bed. They build the necessary basics so you feel confident about preparing for the exam, without feeling overwhelmed or having to spend 20 hours a day buried in books. The videos are full of images and diagrams, making concepts interesting and easy to remember. Check out a few previews and see for yourself.

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Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Indian History from ancient times to modern times.
  • Learn about India's landforms and climate, with unique tips on how to memorize maps.
  • Never be confused again about repo rates, CRR, SLR, Inflation, budget and other Economics concepts.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of political institutions and the governance architecture of India.
  • Have the self-belief & confidence to ace the UPSC Prelims Exam.

Target Audience:

This comprehensive course has been designed for UPSC aspirants from all backgrounds seeking to ace the UPSC Prelims examination. No prior knowledge is required. It is of immense usefulness for everyone from engineers to doctors, from CAs to lawyers.

Course Plan

1. Introduction
1 video
2. History
20 videos  · 1 test
Ancient History: Stone Age 08:37

Ancient History: Indus Valley 09:58

Ancient History: Janapadas, Vedic Civilization 07:48

Ancient History: Magadha, Alexander 09:15

Ancient History: Maurya Dynasty 12:21

Ancient History: Buddhism part 2 18:45

Ancient History: Jainism, Silk Route, Kings and Dynasties of the first Millennium 15:50

Modern History - 1757 to 1905: Colonialism, Age of Discovery 20:20

Modern History - 1757 to 1905: Plassey, Spread of Company Control, Economic Systems 17:15

Modern History - 1757 to 1905: Tipu, Pre-1857 India 21:21

Modern History - 1757 to 1905: Revolt of 1857 19:13

Modern History - 1757 to 1905: Post-1858 changes, Formation of Congress 21:37

Modern History - 1905 to 1929: WW I, Home Rule League, Ghadar movement 20:39

Modern History - 1905 to 1929: Jallianwala Bagh, Khilafat, Non-cooperation movement 19:25

Modern History - 1905 to 1929: Simon Commission, Poorna Swaraj declaration, the Revolutionaries 20:05

Modern History - 1930 to 1947: Dandi March, Civil disobedience, Gandhi-Irwin Pact 15:48

Modern History - 1930 to 1947: Govt of India Act 1935, Elections, Socialists & Capitalist movements, Congress Tripuri crisis 25:54

Modern History - 1930 to 1947: World War II, Quit India Movement, Indian National Army, Partition & Independence 08:29

Test-1 10:00
3. Polity
15 videos  · 1 test
Introduction 31:59

States & Citizens 40:09

Constituent Assembly 43:24

The Preamble 44:42

Fundamental Rights 1 19:05

Fundamental Rights 2 20:09

The Directive Principles 09:54

The Fundamental Duties 24:27

The Parliament 17:53

The Lok Sabha 22:18

President 1 27:52

President 2 27:34

Conclusion & Further Reading 36:29

Test-2 10:00
4. Economics
7 videos  · 1 test
Introduction & Indian Economy's History 33:42

Budget 19:21

Taxation 24:38

Balance of Payments, Forex markets, Security Markets 37:56

International Economic Organizations 30:12

Test-3 10:00
5. Geography
15 videos  · 1 test
India's Location and Extent 24:54

Physiography 10:44

The Himalayas 16:06

The Northern Plains 18:30

The Ghats 15:07

Desert, Coastal Plains, Islands 16:38

Rivers 1, Intro and Indus 17:57

Rivers 2, Ganga and Brahmaputra 20:23

Rivers 3, Peninsular Rivers 21:00

Climate 1, Basics 26:53

Climate 2, Winds and Currents 28:47

Climate 3, Monsoon 08:20

Conclusion & Further Reading 19:47

Test-4 10:00

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