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Road to IAS: Civil Service Exam - UPSC Prelims (CSAT) Polity

Prepare for Polity section of UPSC Prelims Exam with multimedia aid. Learn unique time-saving and test-taking strategies to help you ace the Prelims Exam.

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Course Introduction:

The Polity section of the UPSC tests your knowledge on political institutions and the governance architecture of India i.e. the structures through which the Republic is governed. Questions asked in the Polity section are along the lines of "Which Article of the Constitution discusses the powers of the Election Commission?", or "What is the difference between the Council of Ministers and the Cabinet?" Polity is what is called "Civics" in most school courses.

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Course Objectives:

Due to its exact, static nature, Polity is the most scoring of all areas, and any serious aspirant should ensure he makes the most out of this section. This UPSC Polity course by FACEPrep will help you do just that. In this UPSC Polity course, you will learn about:

  • States and Citizens
  • Fundamental Duties
  • The Parliament
  • Lok Sabha
  • Rajya Sabha
  • The President

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Target Audience:

This comprehensive course has been designed for UPSC aspirants seeking to ace the Polity section of the UPSC Prelims examination.

Course Plan

1. Introduction
1 video
Introduction to the course 31:59
2. States, Federalism, Constitution and Preamble
6 videos
States & Citizens 40:09

Federalism - Part II 19:44

Constituent Assembly 43:24

The Preamble - Part I 26:50

The Preamble - Part II 16:40
3. Fundamental Rights and Duties
4 videos
Fundamental Rights 1 23:17

Fundamental Rights 2 21:30

The Directive Principles 09:54

The Fundamental Duties 24:27
4. The Indian Parliament
6 videos  · 1 test
The Parliament 21:39

The Lok Sabha 22:18

President 1 27:52

President 2 13:04

Conclusion & Further Reading 36:29

Test 04:35

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