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Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tutorial in Python

Created by a Stanford alumni team, this sentiment analysis tutorial uses Python and Twitter API to teach you how to build your own sentiment analyzer.

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What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining is a field of NLP that is concerned with deriving subjective information about a person's attitude towards a topic, whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. It is concerned with extracting information about individual likes, dislikes, and emotions that are attached to a product. Social media sentiment analysis is a brilliant source to gain insights about market preferences, and numerous companies develop their marketing strategies based on these inferences. This Twitter sentiment analysis tutorial in Python will give you the skills to create your own sentiment analysis measurement system.

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Course Objectives

What will you gain from this sentiment analysis tutorial?

  • Understand the importance of Sentiment Analysis Systems
  • Know about the theories underlying sentiment analysis, and its relation to binary classification
  • Learn how to develop and utilize a sentiment analysis measurement system in Python
  • Diagnose use-cases for sentiment analysis

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Prerequisites and Target Audience

Having knowledge of undergraduate level Mathematics will make understanding this course simple. However, it is not a prerequisite. If you would like to run the source code, you will require working knowledge of Python.

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Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. What are you feeling like?
2 videos
Introduction to Course 01:25

2. Sentiment Analysis - What's all the fuss about?
3 videos
ML Solutions for Sentiment Analysis - the devil is in the details 19:57

Sentiment Lexicons 18:49
3. Back to Basics
5 videos
Installing Python - Anaconda and Pip 09:00

Numpy in Python 18:05

Numpy and Scipy in Python 14:19

Regular Expressions 17:53

Regular Expressions in Python 05:41
4. Put it to Work: Twitter Sentiment Analysis
4 videos
Twitter Sentiment Analysis 17:48

Work the API 20:00

Regular Expressions for Preprocessing 12:24

Naive Bayes, SVM, and Sentiwordnet 19:40

Meet the Author

4 Alumni of Stanford, IIM-A, IITs and Google, Microsoft, Flipkart

Loonycorn is a team of 4 people who graduated from reputed top universities. Janani Ravi, Vitthal Srinivasan, Swetha Kolalapudi and Navdeep Singh have spent years (decades, actually) working in the Tech sector across the world.

  • Janani: Graduated from Stanford and has worked for 7 years at Google (New York, Singapore). She also worked at Flipkart and Microsoft.
  • Vitthal: Studied at Stanford; worked at Google (Singapore), Flipkart, Credit Suisse, and INSEAD.
  • Swetha: An IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Madras alumnus having experience of working in Flipkart.
  • Navdeep: An IIT Guwahati alumnus and Longtime Flipkart employee.
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