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Why teach at ChalkStreet?

Convert your expertise into a product

Capture your know-how into a beautiful learning experience and offer it to your audience

Inspire a nation of learners

We help you reach out to a large captive audience who would want to learn from you

Monetize your knowledge

Create a lucrative earning alternatively investing a one-time effort in sharing what you love

Build your brand

We help you get super famous for being an expert in your field by helping you build a strong online brand

You are one of us if you are one of these


You have significant experience, professional certification or conducted research in a particular field


You have taught students in real world and are a whiz at structuring learning environments


Although you lack formal training, you are considered an authority with the sheer knowledge you have in a particular field

How does it work?

Choose your topic

You can teach any subject that you are expert on

Know your audience

Get familiar with learning needs and design course structure

Create the learning experience

Roll up your sleeves and create a course on our learning platform

Connect with your learners

Interact with them and continue answering their questions

Earn handsomely

With better learning experiences, get more learners and returns


A typical course on ChalkStreet is a 2-3 hour course which contains multiple course elements like lectures, tests, exercises and assignments, all designed to give the user an amazing learning experience that helps him meet his learning need.
An opportunity to share your knowledge with an audience you never had before, of a size that you never handled before and who are all willing to pay for your assistance.
No. As long as you are an authority at what you are going to share in your course, there are no additional criteria you will have to fulfil. It would be doubly good if you have professional experience, training experience or certification in the field that you are making a course on.
You do not have to pay anything for listing your courses on the ChalkStreet platform. We offer the servers required to host your courses as well as the marketing efforts completely free of cost.
ChalkStreet is an avenue for making learning affordable. Hence, we recommend an average of Rs 250 for every hour of content. On consideration of efforts invested in course creation, the course duration and the uniqueness of the course, you may price it appropriately around the range mentioned.
Every time a learner subscribes to your course, you will earn a percentage of the subscription fee. You will be paid every month provided your credits exceed Rs 1000 for the given month. With thousands of learners on the platform, stand to make a decent monthly revenue.
ChalkStreet seeks to protect the intellectual property of the course creators and our own platform. We will constantly monitor for content leakage and piracy and wherever relevant, pursue legal means to stop leakage of content.
Chalk Street is associated with more than 850 undergraduate educational institutions across the country which forms majority of our offline marketing efforts. Targeted online marketing campaigns will also be carried out which will take your course closer to your learners.
Yes. ChalkStreet focuses on short duration micro-courses to cater to the evolving learner. Each lecture on the platform has an average length of 8 minutes. This makes it imperative to keep the content crisp and focused. Also, a course that meets our criteria is one that systematically helps learners meet their learning needs.
A computer, a software program (which we will recommend) and a good pair of earphones are all you need to get you started. For slightly more enhanced viewing experiences for your learners, it is good to use a decent web camera or a smart phone camera to record a video for your lecture. If you are willing to go the extra mile, you could also invest in a good DSLR to create stunning videos.