ChalkStreet Support Center
What is Chalkstreet?
ChalkStreet is a platform that connects people who have knowledge with the people who need it.
With ChalkStreet, learn new things and feel accomplished.

Who is ChalkStreet for?
ChalkStreet is for anyone with an inquisitive mind to learn new things. From technology to hobbies to business, ChalkStreet has a plethora of things, which will interest you.

What is a course?
Courses are structured lessons crafted for you made by the best teachers from across the world. You can view the lessons at your own pace and at your convenience.
What is a shot?
Shots are visual lessons created for the Millennials. Shots are snippets of information made for the swipe and tap generation and can be consumed within minutes!

Which device can ChalkStreet be accessed from?
Courses/shots can be accessed from Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Edge
Android App - Minimum SDK version required- Jelly Bean 16
IOS App - Above IOS 9 (Offline/Shots creation is not available in IOS App)
Saving content offline is available in android app and not in IOS app.
Course Certificates
Do all the courses have certificate provided? What certificate do I get?

How do I get the ChalkStreet Certificate of Completion?

How do I get the ChalkStreet Certificate of Merit?

I watched all the videos of the course, but still did not get my certificate.

What are the details mentioned on the ChalkStreet course completion certificate?
Chalkstreet Cash
What is ChalkStreet Cash?

How can I grow my ChalkStreet cash?

Does it sync on both Website and Mobile App?
Course Purchase
How do I pay for a course?

How can I pay? What are the different modes of making the payment?

Can I check if the course I paid for is successful?

If I take up the course when it is offered for free, will I have to pay if it converts into a paid course later?

Can I make payments in different currency?

Where can I get my billing receipts?

Where can I apply the coupon code?

The coupon applied doesn't work. What do I do?

I enrolled for a wrong course, can I swap it with some other course?
Course Refund
How can I get a Refund?
Refer & Earn
What is ChalkStreet Cash?

How do I invite/refer ChalkStreet to my friends?

What benefits/rewards do I get when I refer a friend to join ChalkStreet?

I referred a friend, but did not get my ChalkStreet cash reward.

Where can I check if my friends have joined ChalkStreet using my referral link?
Course Building
How do I create an account on ChalkStreet?

How long does it take a create a course?

How do I add lessons for my course?

How to add learning content to my course?

How to establish myself as a credible author?

I am unable to link videos from my library to specific sections in the course. What to do?

Can I certify students?
When do I get paid?

How do I get paid?

How much do I price my course?

How much does tax eat into my ChalkStreet earnings?

What are the other factors that will affect my revenue?

What is the revenue share between me and ChalkStreet?
Course Quality
What do I need to know before I shoot the video?

What are the best equipment and tools for online teaching?

How we review your test video?
How can I get get my affliate link?

I need to discount coupons for my course. What to do?

What is the difference between offering a discount and and offering coupons?

My 'Instructor Dashboard' is not showing any courses. What do I do?

What is Chalkstreet Cash?
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