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RBI Grade B Officer Recruitment Exam Coaching for Phase I TRENDING

Learn from India's best experts how to clear the RBI Officer Grade B Exam Phase 1 with just a few weeks of preparation

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Introduction to the Course

The RBI Grade B Officer is definitely one of the most prestigious positions in India. In order to select the most brilliant minds for this position, the Reserve Bank of India conducts the RBI Officer Grade B Exam. Every year more than 2.5 lakh candidates appear for this exam. With such a huge number of candidates competing for a little over hundred vacancies, the level of competition for this exam is extremely high. The desire to obtain this position is immense because of the perks that accompany the tag of being an RBI Grade B Officer. It not only draws you envious looks, but also a starting salary of around Rs.65,000 per month. Being an RBI Grade B Officer gives you an incredible amount of exposure in the world of Banking and Finance.

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Course Objectives

What will you gain from this course?

  • An understanding of the various concepts required for all the four topics of the RBI Grade B Officer Phase I exam, which will be taught from scratch
  • Explanations and solutions to problems asked in previous year RBI question papers
  • Access to 3 mock tests which include questions on the RBI Officer Grade B Exam pattern
  • A fantastic opportunity to crack Phase I of the RBI Grade B Officer Exam

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Target Audience

This course is directed towards aspirants who are determined to ace Phase I of the RBI Grade B Officers Recruitment Exam and ultimately gain the title of a RBI Grade B Officer.

Course Plan

A Introduction To Course
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1 video
Get an insight on how this course will help you to kick start your career in RBI.
1. Introduction to the course
B Quantitative Aptitude
9hrs 60mins
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44 videos
Build a strong foundation in Quantitive Aptitude section by learning all the concepts in detail.
1. Numbers and HCF & LCM
Concept Explanation -Numbers 17:29

Concept Explanation-HCF and LCM 09:34

Solved examples 1 10:22

Solved examples 2 07:54
2. Decimals , Fractions and Simplification
Concept Explanation 14:50

Solved examples -Decimals and fractions 16:56

Solved examples - Long multiplications 15:51
3. Squares, Cubes and roots
Concept Explanation 12:10

Solved examples -Squares 08:23

Solved examples -Square roots 07:24

Solved examples-Cubes 06:10
4. Statistics
Concept Explanation 10:35

Solved examples-2 06:06
5. Time & Work and Pipes & Cisterns
Concept Explanation 23:08

Solved examples - Time and Work 10:27

Solved examples-Pipes and Cisterns 13:55
6. Indices and Surds
Solved examples 12:25
7. Percentages
Concept Explanation 27:56

Solved examples 1 05:31

Solved examples 2 10:31
8. Theory of equations
Concept Explanation 06:02

Solved Exampless 15:44
9. Ratios proportions and Partnerships
Concept Explanation 19:03

Solved examples 1 30:53

Solved examples 2 40:47
10. Profit and loss
Concept Explanation 17:21

Solved examples 1 04:44

Solved examples 2 05:00
11. Time Speed and Distance
Concept Explanation 20:31

Solved examples 1 29:32

Solved examples 2 28:15
12. Boats and Streams
Concept Explanation 12:36

Solved examples 10:43
13. Averages, Allegations and Mixtures
Concept Explanation 15:30

Solved examples 1 06:07

Solved examples 2 06:28
14. SI and CI
Concept Explanation 13:34

Solved examples 1 06:44

Solved examples 2 06:11
15. Mensuration and Geometry
Concept Explanation 17:18

Solved examples- Mensuration 11:46

Solved examples-Geometry 06:00
C Logical Reasoning
3hrs 14mins
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32 videos
Crack the Logical Reasoning section with an ease by learning all the concepts.
1. Analogy and Classification
Concept Explanation 12:09

Solved examples 1 04:12

Solved examples 2 02:26
2. Seating Arrangements
Concept Explanation 09:15

Solved examples 1 08:39

Solved examples 2 10:31
3. Number series and missing number identification
Solved examples -Number series 03:48

Solved examples 2 -Number Series 03:06

Solved examples-Insert Missing character 04:49
4. Word Formation
Concept Explanation 03:20

Solved examples 06:13
5. Ranking System
Solved examples 09:50
6. Direction sense
Concept Explanation 01:19

Solved examples -1 06:50

Solved examples 2 06:07
7. Blood Relations
Concept Explanation 05:29

Solved examples 1 04:28

Solved examples 2 06:56
8. Calendar and Time
Concept Explanation-Calendars 06:22

Concept Explanation -Clocks 06:28

Solved examples-Calendars 06:21

Solved examples-Clocks 08:52
9. Venn Diagrams
Concept Explanation 12:56

Solved examples 1 03:18

Solved examples 2 04:01
10. Statements Assumptions and Conclusions
Concept Explanation 06:25

Solved-Statements and Assumptions 04:24

Solved-Statements and Conclusions 04:47
11. Syllogisms
Concept Explanation 14:07

Solved examples 1 01:10

Solved examples 2 01:04
D Verbal Ability
2hrs 30mins
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21 videos
This section is one of the simplest section in RBI Grade B exam. The videos and tests in this section will help you score effortlessly.
1. Reading Comprehension
Concept Explanation 14:25

Solved-Passage 1 05:40

Solved-Passage 2 04:17
2. Spot the errors
Concept Explanation 27:49

Solved examples 1 05:00

3. Spelling rules
Solved examples 06:51
4. Synonyms and Antonyms
Concept Explanation 16:57

Solved examples 1 04:09

Solved Examples 2 02:15
5. Idioms and Phrases
Solved Examples 1 06:10

Solved Examples 2 03:34
6. One word substitutes
Concept Explanation 03:48

Solved examples 05:30
7. Sentence completion
Concept Explanation 09:06

Solved examples 1 05:33

Solved examples 2 06:01
8. Rearrangement
Concept Explanation 06:13

Solved examples 1 03:07

Solved examples 2 04:02
E General Awareness
1hr 33mins
4 videos
Get an insight into Geography, Indian Economy and Macro & National Income. This section also contains practice test through which you will be able to get a high score.
1. General awareness
Geography 10:32

Indian Economy 35:32

Macro and National income 37:36

Solved examples 08:27

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