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Awareness Training on Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at Workplace

POSH training module aims to prevent, prohibit and redress sexual harassment at workplaces in India. This POSH awareness guide is compliant to PoSH Act, 2013

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Course Objectives

This 'Sexual Harassment Prevention course' is designed to promote POSH awareness. The POSH training module:

  • Explains the genesis of the PoSH Act 2013 or the workplace act 2013 in a detailed manner
  • Defines what sexual harassment is and explains the impact of such behavior on women 
  • Educates employees about sexual harassment at workplace
  • Focuses on the key institutions and individuals involved in the prohibition of sexual harassment of women
  • Teaches employees the necessity of reporting harassment promptly to SHe-Box
  • Emphasizes that no form of sexual harassment will be tolerated within any organization
  • Discusses how the redressal mechanism is carried out with the help of the complaints committee
  • Comes with an industry valid course completion certificate of POSH training 
What is in this POSH training?

As enshrined in the Preamble to the Constitution of India, "equality of status and opportunity" must be secured for all the citizens. With improved access to education and employment, more and more women are entering the workforce every day. But sadly, almost 60% of them face sexual harassment at work every day. Sexual Harassment is a gross violation of women's rights to equality and dignity. Not only is it an infringement of women's fundamental rights, but it also results in the loss of workplace motivation and productivity. It is considered a strong form of violence against women. Did you know this? A safe workplace is a woman's legal right.

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Who is this course for?

This course is intended for any user who can be a worker/ an employee/ an employer/ an executive/ a board member/ HR/ advocate who is working in the private/ public/ government sector in India. The course informs about workplace sexual harassment and their right to an informed complaint process in seeking redress as provided under the Act and Rules framed.

Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. Introduction to the course
3 videos
Introduction to the topic 04:26

Vishakha guidelines and the law 04:56
2. Basics to be known
7 videos  · 1 test
Preamble 01:52

Who is an aggrieved woman? 01:15

What is a workplace? 02:14

Sexual Harrasment 02:37

Demonstrations 05:37

Assignment 1

Provisions of the IPC 06:16

Quiz 1
3. Prevention and Prohibition
3 videos
Who is responsible for prevention? 02:13

Duties of the employer 04:00

ICC and LCC 04:59
4. Communicating
1 video  · 1 test
Communicating regarding the right policy 01:54

Quiz 2
5. Redress
11 videos  · 1 test
The complaint mechanism 01:26

Who can make a complaint? 01:45

What should the complaint contain? 00:47

What can a worker/ employee expect? 02:35

Conciliation 02:13

Inquiry 02:26

Interim measures 01:19

Recommendations 01:17

False or malicious complaint 01:11

Timelines and confidentiality 01:50

Checklist for CC

Quiz 3
6. Monitoring
2 videos
Monitoring process 03:01

Appeal 00:28
7. Summary
1 video  · 1 test
Conclusion 01:12

Quiz 4

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