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Present with Confidence: A Guide to Effective Presentations

If you are a person who wants to make good presentations and make an impact in the academic or professional arena, then this is the course for you

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Introduction to the Course

Research suggests that one of the most important qualities that companies or recruiters want to see in students and young professionals is their ability to make effective oral presentations. The act of making a presentation is seen as an act of demonstrating knowledge and expertise in the corporate world. Presentations are made to get work done and there is no way one can shy away from it anymore. The Indian education system does not give any importance to this topic, and students are oblivious till they reach the corporate world. This course, Present with Power, is designed to solve that problem. It gives a quick capsule to a learner to overcome nervousness, build confidence and also gives a 6-step framework to make amazing messages which can be presented to make an impact.

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Course Objectives

  • Demystify presentations and the challenges in speaking up in front of audiences for an Indian learner
  • Provide a well-researched 6-step framework called the AEIOUxE framework to prepare a message for an audience
  • Outline how various elements of delivery can help the impact of the presentation
  • Help the learner build confidence and become a better speaker in front of an audience

Target Audience

This course is for any student, working professional, or entrepreneur between the age of 18 and 25 who is not able to find out the right starting point to learn to make better presentations.

Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. Module-1: Essentials
6 videos  · 1 test
The Perils of Self-doubt 03:15

Project Your Confidence 03:09

Know Your Audience 05:53

Quiz for Module 1
2. Module-2: Design, Develop, and Deliver
10 videos  · 1 test
The 3 Steps of Making a Great Presentation : Design 08:13

The AEIOUxE Framework : Capture the Attention 06:46

The AEIOUxE Framework : Give Examples 05:36

The AEIOUxE Framework : Establish I-Factor or Credibility 05:22

The AEIOUxE Framework : Specify your Objective 05:58

The AEIOUxE Framework : U-Factor & eXtra Emotions 08:15

Putting it All Together in the Script of the Presentation 02:18

Making Slides for the Presentation 11:24

Delivery with Style 10:29

Summary of the Entire Presentation Process 05:15

Quiz for Module 2
3. Module-3: Conclusion
3 videos  · 1 test
The Power of Storytelling 07:38

Make a Successful Elevator Pitch to an Investor 07:46

Closing Comments and Next Steps for you to learn more 02:18

Quiz for Module 3

Meet the Author

Rakesh Godhwani
A nobody who loves to teach and write
Rakesh Godhwani teaches courses of Communication to MBA students of IIM Bangalore, researches and writes books, reads a story to his kids every night before they sleep, does yoga and cycling, earns a fraction of what he used to but lives a million times better.

Here is the link to his personal blog.
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