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Payroll Calculations & Practices under Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act

Created by a management graduate, this course teaches you about payroll calculations. Learn how to comply with the various provisions in Employees Provident Fund and the general practices followed in labor laws.

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About this course

A number of labor laws are applicable to any business organization. Therefore, each organization needs to understand all such laws, so that they can comply to all these laws within the organization. This course gives you a firm grounding in both the theory and practical application of Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. This course on Provident Fund, a retirement benefit, gives insight into the management of payroll of the employees and allows you to catch up with all amendments/developments in this field. It also covers both the compliance and practical aspects that are highly useful while processing the employees' salary.

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Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this payroll calculations course, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend all the nuances of Provident Fund
  • Independently handle the deductions or workings towards Provident Fund from the monthly salary of the employees under various possible circumstances
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of typical scenarios (or cases) under PF that you would come across while handling the PF calculations
  • Handle similar scenarios in work as described in the course
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Who is this course for?

This course is for:

1) Managers, Senior Executives, Entry-level employees working in Human Resources and Payroll Processing Accounts and Finance Department Labour Law Compliances Division

2) ERP Implementers to understand the practices in Payroll

3) Traders and Businessmen

4) Labour Law Practioners

5) Students, recent graduates or anyone seeking a fair understanding of the practices followed in Labour

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Course Plan

1. Employees Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act, 1952
3 videos  · 1 test
Welcome to Employees Provident fund

Purpose of Employees Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act, 1952 00:42

Three Schemes under EPF & MP Act, 1952 (i) Employees Provident Fund Scheme (ii) Employees' Pension Scheme (iii) Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance 02:41

Quiz No.1 02:00
2. Applicability of the Act
1 video
Applicability to a Factory / Establishment (i) Mandatorily Applicable (ii) Voluntary Coverage 00:54

Takeaway - Mandatorily Applicable

Takeaway - Voluntary Coverage
3. Coverage of Employees under the Act
3 videos  · 1 test
Salary and 'Coverage of Employees' under the Act 01:52

EPF Scheme- Few Key Points 01:49

Magic Salary- Meaning 00:33

Quiz No.2 04:00
4. Contribution Heads, Rates & Account Nos.
2 videos
Generation of the Fund under the Act 01:30

Contributions (a) Various Contribution Heads under EPF & MP Act, 1952 (b) Accounts Numbers (c) Rate of Contribution 03:18
5. Employees' Pension Scheme
1 video  · 1 test
Employees' Pension Scheme (a) Pension as per Employees' Pension Scheme (b) Minimum and Maximum Pension under EPS 01:07


Quiz No.3 05:00
6. Formulae for PF & Pension Calculations
Takeaway - Formulae for Provident Fund & Pension Calculations
7. Rates - Administrative Charges & EDLI
3 videos
"EDLI" and "Administrative Charges on EDLI" 01:05

Takeaway - Administrative Charges on PF

Various Contributions (i) Amounts on Which Such Contributions Are Calculated 01:42

Monthly Documentation 00:21
8. Due Dates
2 videos
"Due Date" under Provident Fund 00:42

Due Dates- Two Typical Scenarios 01:23
9. Case Studies
2 videos
Case 1 01:09

Case 2 02:46

Meet the Author

Aditya Kiran
Founder, Perfect Skilla
Aditya Kiran has MBA and M.Com, and has worked with leading companies based out of Mumbai. He has work experience in Finance, Oil & Gas, Transportation & Logistics sector. He has independently processed the salaries of nearly 4000 employees along with other responsibilities in the Payroll Division on a monthly basis for years together. His expertise includes Compliance especially in the area of Payroll (Provident fund, ESI, Profession tax, LWF; TDS – Salary and Accounts Payable), Budgeting & MIS Reporting, Finalisation of Accounts and ERP Implementation. Presently, he trains employees working in organisations on practical aspects of Tax, Payroll, Finance and Accounts. Further, mentors commerce students for University and Board exams.
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