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Python for Beginners: Learn in an Hour

Learn to read and write modules in Python language. Subscribe to this course if you are looking to learn Python Programming from scratch or to brush up your programming skills.

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Course Introduction:

Python is a widely used object-oriented, high - level programming language. Apart from the object oriented programming benefits, it offers, its syntax allows programmers to take a less cumbersome approach to express concepts in fewer lines of code.

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Course Objectives:

Once you spend an hour on this course, you will be able to proficiently:

  • Use the basic concepts to write codes.
  • Code using arrays, lists, and looping constructs.
  • Optimize your code using classes.
  • Use various Python libraries and modules to write complex programs.

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This course is primarily for budding programmers who are looking to take their first step into the world of programming. This course is also for those of you who are looking to brush up your basics in Python. And, the only pre-requisite for you to get started with the course is to install Eclipse and Python 3.4 interpreter on your computer.


Course Plan

1. Setup
1 video
Installing Pydev and writing your First program 02:22
2. Variables
1 video
Defining Variables and using Strings 02:47
4. Functions
3 videos
Defining functions 02:42

Optional function arguments 03:49

Lambda expressions 01:35
5. Control flows
2 videos
Decision making using if-else constructs 02:46

Break,Continue and Pass Statements 03:20
6. Loops
2 videos
For Loops 01:20

While Loops 01:15
7. Data Structures
6 videos
Lists 07:06

Dictionaries 05:21

Stacks and Queues 02:42

List comprehensions 03:12

Tuples and Sets 03:01

Looping techniques 02:02
8. Classes
3 videos
Classes and Objects 03:36

Inheritance 04:32

Private variables and methods 01:09
9. Exceptions
1 video
Try Except blocks 01:38
10. Iterators and Generators
2 videos
Creating Iterators 02:07

Creating Generators 02:08
11. Exercises
3 videos
Exercise 1 01:32

Exercise 2 01:51

Exercise 3 01:50

Meet the Author

Nisha Kiran
Developer and Instructor
Nisha has been teaching since her grad school years as a Masters student in Computer Science where she worked as a teaching assistant for numerous courses in programming. Currently, she works in the E-learning industry and also helps students with programming problems. Nisha has worked as a software developer for various firms prior to teaching and understands how important it is to have a good grasp of programming fundamentals. Nisha has worked with numerous students ranging from beginner to advanced and understands the needs of both kinds of audience. Through her teaching experience she has learnt how to effectively communicate a concept to someone new to programming.
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