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MATLAB Tutorial for Beginners

This course on MATLAB programming for beginners emphasizes on the general programming language, leveraging the concepts of Mathematics and Engineering with practical applications.

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Course Introduction:

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to use variables, arrays, and matrices.
  • Get an insight into how different files and worksheets are imported.
  • Learn how to solve equations, data structures and how to plot data in MATLAB.
  • Create a graphical user interface (GUI) application with MATLAB.

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Course Objectives:

On completing this course, you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the general concepts of problem-solving.
  • Have a strong foundation in MATLAB.
  • Be able to create a GUI application with MATLAB.

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This course will start from the very beginning and no prior programming experience is required. However, MATLAB software has to be installed on your system. The free trial version of the software is available in: Download MATLAB

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Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. Introduction to MATLAB
2 videos
Why MATLAB? 01:08

Getting Started with MATLAB desktop and environment 03:47
2. Variables and Plots
2 videos
In Depth - Plots 10:06
3. Datatypes
3 videos
Datatypes, Matrices and Arrays 05:14

In Depth - Arrays and Matrices 07:23

Advanced Datatypes cell Arrays and Structures 04:08
4. Import the Files
3 videos
In Action - Importing Text Files 10:56

Import Tool Wizard 14:02
5. Script, Functions and Classes
3 videos
Write Scripts and Functions in MATLAB 07:39

Object-oriented Programming with MATLAB 10:06

Create a Graphic User Interface application with MATLAB 11:24

Meet the Author

Peeyush Pashine
Experienced Embedded System Developer and Trainer
Peeyush is an Embedded Developer currently working for the organization which makes MATLAB. He has over 4 years of tech experience with services, products and start-ups. He is experienced in training MATLAB related technologies for corporates and students. Peeyush has developed various projects in specialization with Embedded System and was honored as the "Best Innovation Designer" at IIT Kharagpur. With in-depth knowledge of Embedded Systems, he became a successful Embedded Developer by sharing his knowledge with numerous aspirants.
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