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Extreme Kickboxing - Learn how to kick and punch your way to fitness

The Ultimate Beginners Course on Kickboxing for fitness and self-defense.

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Course Introduction:

Welcome to the exciting world of Kickboxing. Kickboxing is a high-energy, power-packed form of martial art and is perfect for fitness and self-defense. In these kickboxing videos, Hyper Monkey's chief instructor Siddharth Abraham teaches you the fundamentals by taking you through 8 basic strikes. So spare an hour to add 8 amazing strikes to your armory, all from the comforts of your home.

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Course Objectives:

By watching these kickboxing training videos, you will get:

  • An exhilarating hour of power-packed learning which includes 4 kicks and 4 punches.
  • An opportunity to connect with renowned trainers at Hyper Monkey.
  • A path towards better fitness, extreme confidence and self-defense.

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

You don't have to be physically fit to join this course. That's one of the outcomes of this course. The minute you decide to join, you should prepare yourself mentally to go through the training. Having said that, nor this course mandates any pre-requisites neither focusses on a specific set of audience.


You dont have to be fit to join this course. Thats one of the outcomes of this course. The minute you decided to join, youve become mentally prepared to go through the training required to be fit.
This course is designed to be taken at ones own pace. There are no specified hours mentioned in the course as each individual is different and as beginners, there is a varied level of fitness to begin with. Having said this, you should practise the strikes till you have mastered the techniques involved in them. Feedback will be given on assignment submissions which will help in assessing the level of mastery you have attained in each strike.
Course Plan

1. Introduction
2 videos
Introduction to course 01:04

Guard 04:17
2. Punch 1: Jab and Cross
3 videos
Jab 09:00

Cross 09:31

Jab Cross Combo 01:50
3. Punch 2: Elbow
3 videos
Left Elbow 04:02

Right Elbow 03:02

Left Right Elbow Combo 03:42
4. Punch 3: Hook
3 videos
Right Hook 02:33

Left Right Hook Combo 01:20
5. Punch 4: Upper Cut
3 videos
Left Upper Cut 04:23

Right Upper Cut 04:30

Left Right Upper Cut Combo 01:16
6. Punch Recap
1 video
Punch Recap 01:33
7. Kick 1: Front Kick
1 video
Left Right and Combo 08:05
8. Kick 2: Knee
1 video
Left Right and Combo 05:34
9. Kick 3: Roundhouse
1 video
Left Right and Combo 05:53
10. Kick 4: Back Kick
1 video
Left Right and Combo 06:13
11. Kicks Recap
1 video
Kicks Recap 01:13

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Hyper Monkey describes itself as a place where fun is what you have and fitness is what you get. Located in Koramangala, Bangalore, this one of its kind health club relies not on weights and machines but on intense FUNctional Fitness as the best way to stay in shape, lose weight, tone up, release stress, laugh and be fit. Know more about Hyper Monkey and their antics at
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