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Java: Learn to code and build the foundation for android

Java Insights: Learn to code and know how to implement Java programming skills and have a solid foundation for web and android development.

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About this course

A truly versatile language, Java is used for programming web, mobile, and desktop applications for a variety of platforms. This hands-on lab is designed to build on the concepts in the Computer Science Principles, It shows how to apply concepts such as variables, functions, conditions, loops, and collections to the Java language.

You also get an introduction to the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP). Which will actually help you to understand the core programming concept of Java.

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Course Objectives

By subscribing to this course you'll be going to learn not only core concepts of java but will also practice them in IntelliJ IDE [popular]

  • The history of Java
  • Setting up your IDE for programming
  • Values and variables
  • Methods and functions
  • Capturing user input
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Who is this course for?
  • This course is designed for software job seekers who want to learn various Java OOPs concepts in a concise manner from scratch. This course will also help experienced programmers who want to brush up their knowledge on Java fundamentals for the purpose of an interview.
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Course Plan

1. Introduction to Java
2 videos
History of Java 01:59

Windows: Install Java Development Kit

Windows: Install IntelliJ

Mac: Install Java Development Kit

Mac: Install IntelliJ
2. Define actions using Codes
6 videos
Work with values and variables 12:43

Use methods to repeat actions 13:16

Customize functions with parameters 06:58

Variables and Scope 03:50

Return value from functions 06:35
3. Repeat actions and test for conditionsA
8 videos
Capture input from user 06:18

Manage different variables types 08:10

Create conditional tests 14:45

Build compound conditional tests 08:52

Use for loops 09:51

Create arrays to store group of values 03:05

Use loops with arrays 04:39
4. Object-Oriented Programming Basics
4 videos
Why everything is an object 02:32

Why everything is a class 02:44

Make your own classes and Object 05:26

Define permissions for class members 02:26
5. Conclusion
1 video
Whats next? 01:57

Meet the Author

C,C++,Java,Python, Android, Php, Sql, Kotlin, Machine Learning, Angular, Firebase.
A passionate educator and programmer, Kamal specializes in development platforms and programming languages including Android and Java. He currently creates training content for Android developers and content that covers multiple programming languages including Java, C#, Swift, and Kotlin. He is inspired and humbled by all who embrace computing as a medium to realize their dreams. One of his favorite parts of working at Udemy is getting to know his students and then helping them learn the skills to make their ideas a reality! Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.
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