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Beginner's guide to Organizational Behaviour

Enroll in this online tutorial and learn all about the concepts, models and theoretical foundations in the area of management and Organisational Behaviour.

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Course Introduction:

Motivating employees to achieve a common goal might be one of the most challenging tasks for a manager. Every employee has a different reaction and perception to different situations. In order to master this challenge, a manager needs to apply a unique combination of tools from Psychology, Sociology and Business Administration - called Organisational Behaviour.

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Course Objectives:

By subscribing to this course, you will:

  • Get a detailed introduction to Organisational Behaviour.
  • Gain an insight into the characteristics of Organsational Behaviour.
  • Understand the importance of Organisational Behaviour.
  • Understand the impact of a leader on an individual and an organisation.
  • Identify and analyze the principal factors that hamper a healthy Organisational Culture.
Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This course does not require any prior knowledge. Although, this course targets a specific set of audience, who are:

  • Business and Marketing students.
  • Managers who want to build up on their leadership skills.

Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. Introduction To Organisational Behavior
6 videos
Overview of Section 1 01:13

Introduction to Organisational Behaviour 05:14

Disciplines Contributing To Organisational Behaviour 05:33

Main Approaches To Management 07:05

Hawthorne Studies 10:52

Parkinson's Law Problem 04:23
2. Individual In Organisation
23 videos
Overview of Section 2 00:49

Behavior Follows Attitudes 06:09

The Impact Of Dissatisfaction On Employees 07:05

What are Emotions and Moods? 06:26

The Basic Emotions 07:34

Function Of Emotions 03:20

Emotional Labor 06:12

The Big Five Personality Model 08:26

Person-Job Fit and Person-Organisation Fit 05:58

Working With Different Perceptions 03:07

Attribution Theory 08:41

The Rational Model, Bounded Rationality and Intuition 07:01

Biases and Errors In Decision Making 05:37

What Is Motivation 03:13

Hierarchy Of Needs Theory 05:04

Two-Factor Theory 06:48

McClelland's Theory Of Needs 08:16

Self-Determination Theory 03:51

Self-Efficacy Theory 04:55

Equity Theory and Organisational Justice 09:49

Expectancy Theory 07:34
3. Groups In Organisation
11 videos
Overview of Section 3 00:37

The Five-Stage Model Of Group Development 03:54

Group Property 1 - Roles 04:53

Group Property 2 - Norms 07:29

Group Property 3 - Status 04:18

Group Property 4 - Size 05:38

Group Decision Making 04:23

Groupthink 05:04

Teams vs Groups 04:38

Types of Teams 05:27
4. Organisation As a Whole
11 videos
Definition of Power 05:40

Bases of Power 04:57

Power Tactics 08:20

How People Respond To Organisational Politics 07:25

Impression Management 03:53

The Conflict Process - Stages I and II 04:22

The Conflict Process - Stage III 04:44

The Conflict Process - Stages IV and V 04:19

Negotiation 06:34

Meet the Author

Robert Barcik
Business Administration Lecturer
Robert Barcik is a co-founder of MeanThat, an educational platform that helped more than a quarter million students to learn efficiently. In 2014, he got inspired by KhanAcademy and created his first own videos, and reached out to a global audience. With this, he jumped the educational train and in the later months he became a university lecturer and a developer of Flipped Teaching with a focus on Marketing, Organisational Theory and Business. Along with that, Robert is a Business graduate and Data Analysis student at Swedish Dalarna University. Here, he cooperates with the educational institutes to promote innovative ways of teaching.
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