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First Step in HTML5 website development

Dive in for a quick and detailed introduction to HTML5 programming for absolute beginners. Take your first step in building websites by using the latest version of HTML.

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Course Introduction:

HTML 5 is the current trend in the web development world and has brought about a revolution with its multitudes of upgrades ranging from better web application features all the way to improved element semantics. This HTML tutorial for beginners is an overview of the latest HTML5 web programming standard and is intended for those who have never done anything with HTML.

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Course Objectives:

This HTML5 tutorial covers the following concepts:

  • Understanding the different elements and attributes of the tags used in HTML5.
  • Learn about the support HTML5 offers for the latest multimedia.
  • The latest additions to HTML, the new video, and audio elements, as well as the integration of graphics content.

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This HTML tutorial is ideal for learners from different backgrounds, but particularly for those who want a quick but clear understanding about web development using HTML5. This HTML 5 tutorial is the perfect launch into the latest world of web development and is sure to propel your interests and passion towards gaining expertise in this domain.

Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. Getting Started
2 videos
Introduction to HTML5 01:08

New Semantic Elements in HTML5 09:29
2. Learning your Basics
3 videos  · 1 test
Test 10:00

HTML5 Graphics Elements 12:26

HTML5 Audio/Video 04:15

Meet the Author

Rachna D Sharma
Department Head for IT, Indian School of Business and Computing
Rachna has been working for the past 15 years in the areas of education, corporate training†and consulting. Over these years, she has built expertise in web programming, network, data communication, cloud infrastructure and services. She is an IBM Certified DB2 Professional, IBM certified†Rational Application Development -Tivoli Specialist, EMC certified Cloud Infrastructure and Services Professional.
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