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Comprehensive Guide to HTML Programming

Learn all the essentials of HTML Programming as your first step in the world of Web Development.

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Course Introduction:

HTML is the language of the web and learning this language will allow you take your first step in the world of Webpage Development. Each lesson walks you through various concepts, providing code-based and visual examples to help you understand. What you can take away from this HTML tutorial for beginners is a comprehensive hold on the multitudes of concepts and semantics of HTML allowing you to build the foundations of your very own website from scratch.

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Course Objectives

By the end of this HTML tutorial, you will:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the Fundamentals of HTML Programming
  • Be able to build your own Webpage
  • Be able to use different Tags and Fonts
  • Be able to Structure your Webpage

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

Starting with the absolute basics, this HTML tutorial is ideal for beginners with no background in HTML and for those with some experience who want to brush up and further their knowledge base.

Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. Fundamentals
2 videos
Introduction 04:38

Composites: Elements, Tags and Attributes 03:56
2. Coding
3 videos
Code Editors 03:36

Basic code skeleton 01:54

Build your own Web Page 02:02
3.  Composites
5 videos
Basic Elements and Tags 08:11

Formatting and Fonts 05:46

Phrase Tags 09:14

Meta Tags 10:37
4. Structuring
4 videos
Image 05:35

Table 13:49

Lists 13:48

Links 12:04
5. Advance Structuring
4 videos  · 1 test
Frames, Inline Frames 22:56

Forms 14:15

Comments 02:45

Marquees 04:54

Test-1 01:00

Meet the Author

Priyanka Kambli
Globetrotter, Philologist, Engineer
Priyanka is presently in her final year of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at NIT Trichy. Having lived and studied in Indonesia, Turkey and Malaysia, she has moved from country to country and visited countless more, in lieu with her love for traveling and experiencing world cultures. She took up website development as a hobby during junior college, and later worked her way on to build websites as a freelancer. In addition to these interests, Priyanka is passionate about the literary arts and also takes up every chance she gets to play and learn a sport.
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