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Handling White Collar Employee Separation for HRBP

An end to end 'Ready Reckoner' for an HR Business Partner (HRBP) who may need to conduct 'White Collar Employee Separations' as a part of his/her role. This course is an assimilation of practical tips and scenarios aimed at enabling an HR Business Partner in meeting the complex demands of the role.

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About this course

One of the most difficult and sensitive parts of an HR Business Partner's role is handling separations. A 'White Collar Employee Separation' is a very sensitive step and has far-reaching repercussions. Sometimes, the intensity of these repercussions gets missed by the HRBP at the point of time when he/she is conducting the separation related discussion. What makes this difficult task more challenging for an HRBP is the dearth of structured training and valuable inputs. This HRBP training program is aimed at addressing this gap.

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Course Objectives

By taking up this course, you will understand the:

  1. Right mindset and approach for an HRBP to conduct 'White Collar Employee Separations'
  2. Legal angle in brief; explained in a manner which is easy to assimilate and remember
  3. 3 different ways of 'White Collar Separation'; explained clearly and backed with suggested methods of executing them
  4. Practical tips to mitigate damaging scenarios which tend to happen around White Collar Separations
Who is this course for?

This course is aimed for all HR professionals in the 'Business Partnering' or 'Line HR' roles; where they are responsible for managing life cycle of a set of employees.

Course Plan

1. Introduction
4 videos
Working definition of the word 'seperation' 04:32

Understanding the way Indian courts think 03:07
2. The 3 methods of seperation
8 videos
Termination 03:05

3 critical aspects of PIP 03:13

The right mindset to have 03:03

Additional tips 05:40

Dismissal 06:22

Suggesting an employee to resign 10:06

Situations with the 3rd kind of seperation 09:13

Conclusion 01:13

Meet the Author

Avijit Shastri
Avijit is an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur, batch of 2006 (PMIR)
Avijit has been an HR business partner throughout his career. He has worked closely with Factory teams as well as Sales and Marketing teams across companies like Nestle, Cadbury and Tata Motors. Avijit has won two national level awards in his career. The first one is Economic Times Young Leader Award in 2012. The second one is People Matters Emerging HR Leader Award in 2015. Avijit is passionate about sharing whatever he has learnt in these 11 years about Organizations and People. He wants to use his experiences to enable professionals in excelling in their careers. He plans to do so thru the medium of e- learning courses, reinforced by one-to-one coaching.
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