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GRE Prep: Learn to crack Text Completion questions for GRE's Verbal Section

Learn how to tackle the challenging Text Completion questions of the GRE Verbal section and maximize your score

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About the Topic:

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE is most commonly perceived as the more challenging of the sections of the GRE Revised General Test and scoring well requires a great deal of preparation. This section assesses the candidate's ability to analyze and comprehend written content and identify relationships among constituent parts of sentences, and among words and concepts. There are various formats in the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE, and the Text Completion question type is one of the most difficult formats you will find.

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Course Objectives

Proper guidance that comes through illustrious experience is what you will get from your course instructor Mr. Harish Kumar. This online GRE preparation tutorial revolves around how you can effectively prepare and crack this question format. This GRE course aids your online GRE preparation by teaching you the tips and strategies using which you can decode the complex sentences, unravel the devious logic and crack the difficult vocabulary- thereby helping you beat the GRE and obtain high scores in the Verbal Section.

  • The questions in Text Completion questions type are made challenging in primarily five ways:
  • Use of difficult words in the sentences.
  • Multiple blanks appearing close by.
  • Use of idioms specific to English which are unknown to most non-native speakers of English.

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This course assumes basic working knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar . It proceeds in a step-by-step manner keeping the beginner and novice in mind. However, experts can also greatly benefit from the knowledge and unique strategies presented in the online coaching for GRE.

Course Plan

1. Introduction
5 videos
Introduction to Text Completion 02:26

Structure of questions in Text Completion 01:00

New GRE Test Structure and Content 09:51

4C Strategy 18:02

Procedure for Taking Tests
2. Difficulty Level- Easy
7 videos  · 3 tests
Dominant interest often benefit... 05:50

Early studies often concluded that... 06:40

The sight of a single actor portraying... 03:44

This composer have never courted... 06:24

Practice Test I

The figure skating pair's convincing... 10:09

Practice Test II 02:45

Researchers trying to make it possible... 12:43

In her startingly original writing... 15:22

Practice Test III 08:44
3. Difficulty Level- Medium
4 videos  · 2 tests
For most of the half of the 19th century... 10:20

The media once portrayed the governor ... 07:21

Practice Test IV

In the recent history of the Renaissance... 05:53

The governor has long been obsessed with... 11:11

Practice Test V
4. Difficulty Level- Hard
3 videos  · 3 tests
Practice Test VI 08:52

Managers who think that strong environmental... 17:46

Practice Test VII 06:00

Serling's account of his employer's reckless... 13:22

Practice Test VIII 18:15

Meet the Author

Harish Kumar
Prolific Verbal Trainer
In the course of his career, Harish has taught programming, technical writing and general writing to students in various institutes. He has particularly been training students, both online and offline, to ace the SAT, GRE and GMAT for the past 7 years. He has worked in top Test Prep institutes in India such as Manhattan Review and Crack Verbal and has helped numerous aspirants gain admission in Universities of their choice. Harish received the Excellence Award 2014 as the Best GRE coaching tutor in Chennai, from Think Vidya which is India's premier online Educational Portal. Check his "" or "" to know more about his work.
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