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Goods and Service Tax Tutorial: Understand GST 2017 and Earn a Certification

Get fully equipped with all necessary information about the GST Bill through this GST training. With the taxation system changing massively with GST, take up this GST online course and be well prepared to handle it all.

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About this course

"The Indian government wants to roll out the new indirect tax regime- GST from July 1, 2017". What is GST all about? How are you going to get affected? Does this benefit you in any way? Join our GST training and have GST explained clearly.

Our tax laws are preparing to go through a historic change in the upcoming months of 2017. GST or Goods and Services Tax is all set to replace existing taxes such as VAT, Service Tax, Excise Duty and several local State taxes and levies. GST is a single tax that will be applied on goods and services, right from manufacturer to consumer. It is one indirect tax for the entire country, which makes India come together on a unified common market. Whether you run a business or provide a service, however big or small, it is very likely that GST will impact you. The Goods and Service Tax is rolled out onJuly 2017 after agreement from all the states. Are you looking out for a GST tutorial to help you out? This GST 2017 online course provides you with a complete roundup about the GST bill.

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What will you get out of this?

By subscribing to this GST tutorial, you will:

  • Gain lifetime access to 200+ GST videos, 30+ GST pdfs, 6+ GST webinars and tests
  • Certificate signed by ClearTax
  • Gain comprehensive information about the GST bill 2017
  • Get all the concepts of GST explained in a simple and effective manner
  • Be "GST ready" for either professional or personal agendas
  • Spread awareness among others about upcoming changes in the goods and services taxation schemes through this GST training module
  • Get regular updates on anything new happening in GST
Who is this course for?

This GST training which discusses concepts involving the Goods and Service Tax will be very beneficial for:

  • CA, CS, IAS aspirants
  • Legal Consultants
  • ICWA, LLB practitioners and aspirants
  • Tax practitioners and accountants
  • Casual taxable person 
  • Non-Resident taxable person
  • Indirect Taxation Consultants
  • Employed CA's working for client enterprises
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Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. Basics of GST Bill
6 videos  · 1 test
Why Do We Need GST? 03:05

HSN Codes and Its Implication under GST

Know Your GSTIN

GST Helps Mitigate the Cascading Effect 04:25

Mixed Supply & Composite Supply under GST

Simplification of Indirect Taxes under GST Regime

What Exactly is GST? 07:56

Terms and Phrases you must know under GST - Part I

The GST Story So Far 07:12

Terms and Phrases you must know under GST - Part II

Understanding the Basics of GST

What is GST Compliance Rating?

What is SGST, CGST & IGST?

Quiz 1 08:00
2. GST Composition Scheme
10 videos  · 1 test
Canons of Taxation 11:10

Benefits of Registering under GST Composition Scheme 03:30

Composition Scheme under GST Explained

The Right Balance for the Composition Scheme 06:04

Drawbacks of Registering under the GST Composition Scheme

Small Business and Aggregate Turnover 06:27

Simpler GST for Small & Local Businesses (Composition Levy)

Tax collection and Input Tax credit 06:31

Simplified Returns 06:25

Payment of Tax 08:25

Impact of Composition Scheme in B2B - Part I 08:05

Impact of Composition Scheme in B2B - Part II 06:06

Quiz 2 08:00
3. Input Tax Credit
16 videos  · 1 test
Concepts Behind Input Tax Credit 08:01

Input Tax Credit under GST Regime - Conditions To Claim Credit

ITC Mechanism 02:54

Reverse Charge 04:58

What is Input Credit? And How to Claim it?

The Specific List 06:20

Motor Vehicles, Works Contract and Immovable Property 06:43

Proportionate Credit 10:32

Set Off Rules - Part I 05:20

Set Off Rules - Part II 06:39

ITC Utilisation Example 13:02

Reasons for Conditions 03:41

Conditions for ITC 12:14

Special Circumstances 11:32

Job Worker and ITC 07:28

Input Service Distributor Rules 05:27

ISD Conditions 05:43

Quiz 3 10:00
4. GST Registration
11 videos  · 1 test
Exempt from Registration 04:48

Threshold Based Registration 05:35

Does GST apply to me?

Application Process under GST

Enrollment Process for Goods and Services Tax

GST Enrolment Process for Existing Central Excise & Service Tax Assessee

How to Register for GST

New Turnover limit for GST

Taxable Person under GST

The ClearTax Guide on the GST Portal

What You Must Know About GST Registration

Mandatory Registration Remit Tax or Claim ITC 02:58

Voluntary Registration and Benefits 04:00

Timeline for Registration Existing Dealers 03:54

Timeline for Registration New Dealers 06:04

Timeline for Registration Casual and Non-Resident Taxable Person 06:07

Where to Register Mutliple States - Part I 03:56

Where to Register Mutliple States - Part II 06:22

Where to Register Mutliple States - Part III 05:50

Quiz 4 10:00
5. Place of supply
5 videos
Domestic-place of suppy for services 10:13

International place of supply for goods 04:00

Domestic-place of supply for services 09:13

Services exempted 15:03

International place of supply of services 14:07
6. Webinars
9 videos
Business Impact on job work and stock transfer 32:32

Business Impact on import, Export and Refund under GST 36:25

Returns Under Goods and Service Tax and Utilization of Input Credit 66:24

Place of Supply 60:20

Place of Supply of Goods under GST 49:57

Transitional Provisions- Part 1 35:21

Transitional Provisions- Part 2 60:23

Transitional Provisions- Part 3 31:16

Works Contract 24:35
7. GST Returns
18 videos
Conditions Relating to Returns 04:51

GSTR-1: Statement of Outward Supplies 11:02

GSTR-1: Statement of Outward Supplies -Continued 06:34

GSTR-2: Statement of Inward Supplies 08:14

GSTR-2 Statement of Inward Supplies - Continued 17:21

GSTR-3: Monthly Return 07:05

GSTR-9: Annual Return 09:04

Timelines for Normal RTP 03:29

Compounding Taxable Person - Introduction 04:15

GSTR-4: Quarterly Return for Composition Scheme 07:16

GSTR-4: Quarterly Return for Composition Scheme - Continued 12:53

GSTR-9A: Annual Return for Composition Scheme 08:06

GSTR-5: Non Resident Taxable Person 12:56

GSTR-6: Input Service Distributor 07:22

GSTR-6: Input Service Distributor - Continued 06:42

GSTR-7: TDS 07:47

GST-8: E-commerce Operator 10:15
8. Transitional provisions
10 videos
Transitional provisions under GST-overview 10:15

Unavailed cenvat credit 08:42

Credit for taxable&exempted goods and services 06:20

Centralised registration 06:35

Removal og goods pre and post GST 05:31

Claim for refund for normal supply 06:03

Claim for refund for export supply 08:13

Appeals and reviews 05:00

Return finished and revised 05:21

Goods sent on approval basis 03:40
9. Offences and Penalties
14 videos
Invoices and Information 06:45

Tax Amount 05:34

Supply of Goods and Others 04:21

Third Person 04:36

Penalties 04:57

Penalties Continued 06:01

Prosecution Offences 06:12

Prosecution Terms 05:17

Goods Liable for Confiscation 05:22

Provisions of Detention and Seizure 05:11

Release 06:52

Confiscation 06:37

Compounding Negative List 07:03

Compounding Fee 03:20
10. Guest Lectures
2 videos
Guest Lecture 1 47:17

Guest Lecture 2 39:08
11. GST Software
GST Software 02:29
12. Payments
14 videos
Payment of taxes 05:18

Flow of entries in the Electronic Ledgers 07:48

Tax paid by third party 04:24

Electronic tax liability register 04:14

Electronic-cash-ledger 06:29

Refunds-timelines-UNO and embassies 07:22

Refunds-timelines-casual taxable-person 05:08

Refunds-timelines-normal taxble person and ununitilised ITC 05:41

Relevant date 11:14

Refund-process and forms-A-birds-eye-view 04:30

Application for refund-RFD-01-documents-required 14:18

Refund-process 03:05

Provisional refund-RFD 08:21

Interest on refund 05:15
13. Invoicing under GST
Invoicing under GST
14. New council meeting-GST rates
GST rate fitment

Day 1 Highlights
15. Basics of GST (Hindi)
6 videos
Basics of GST(Preview enabled) 04:45

Cascading effect of the current tax structure 12:30

GST helps mitigating the cascading effect 08:28

what exactly is the GST 04:57

Effect of GST in current indirect taxes 14:47

GST story so far 10:14
16. Composition scheme (Hindi)
10 videos
Canons of taxation 10:22

Canons and GST rectified 10:37

The right balance for the composition scheme 09:05

Small business and aggregate turnover rectified 06:11

Small business and prohibited activities rectified 08:38

Tax collection and input tax credit 08:35

Simplified returns 10:08

Payment of tax 08:16

Impact of composition scheme in B2B 07:21

Impact of composition scheme in B2B continued 08:40
17. Input Tax Credit (Hindi)
16 videos
Concepts behind input tax credit 05:57

ITC Mechanism 04:28

Purchases and a hint to negative list 03:56

8 items in the negative list 10:39

The specific list 06:44

Motor vehicles,work contracts and immovable properties 06:31

Proportionate credit 09:16

Set off rules 05:49

Set off rules continued 05:28

ITC utilisation example 16:29

Reasons for conditions 04:04

Conditions for ITC 15:28

Special circumstances 17:38

Job worker and ITC 10:31

Input service distributor rules 06:34

ISD Conditions 07:11
18. GST Registration (Hindi)
17 videos
Exempt from registration(Hindi) 05:45

Thereshold based registration 07:07

Mandotary registration-e commerce related 10:47

Mandatory registration remit tax or claim ITC 03:16

Mandatory registration special cases 11:14

Voluntary registration 03:41

Timeline for registration existing dealer 03:33

Timeline for registration-new dealer 07:29

Timeline for Registration - Casual and Non-Resident Taxable Person 04:48

Where to Register - Multiple Business Verticals 06:29

Location of supplier of services 06:43

Application and acceptance process 17:01

GSTIN and Display Provisions 04:45

Migration Laws and Procedures 06:18

Amendment to Registration 06:41

Cancellation and Revocation of cancellation 16:59
19. Time and place of supply (Hindi)
20 videos
Time of Supply for Normal Supply 07:33

Time of Supply for Reverse Charge Supply 06:31

Time of Supply for other supplies 09:05

Tax invoice rules for last date of issue for supply of goods 06:42

Tax invoice rules for last date of issue for supply of services 04:50

Supplier and Recipient 04:33

Change in tax rate 02:55

Transitional provisions 05:51

Destination Based Consumption 08:23

Domestic: Place of Supply for Goods 05:57

Domestic: Place of Supply for Services 10:01

Domestic: Place of Supply for Services Continued 02:03

International: Place of Supply for Services 05:59

Conditions to use Valuation Rules 12:51

Transaction Value Method: Conditions and Inclusions 12:31

Transaction Value Method: Exclusions 03:35

Valuation Rules 09:54

Value in Specified Cases_Pure Agent 05:41

Value in Specified Cases_Money Changer 05:41
20. Returns (Hindi)
17 videos
Conditions relating to returns 04:50

GSTR 1 Statement of Outward Supplies 10:40

GSTR 1 Statement of Outward Supplies continued 10:40

GSTR 2 Statement of Inward Supplies-Auto-populated 09:10

GSTR 2 Statement of Inward Supplies-Non-auto populated

GSTR 3 Monthly Returns 09:12

GSTR 9 Annual Returns 10:07

Due dates for Normal Tax Payer 04:55

Compounding Taxable Person Intro 04:54

GSTR 4 Quarterly Returns for composition scheme 15:25

GSTR 4 Quarterly Returns for composition scheme continued 15:25

GSTR 9A Annual return for composition scheme 08:14

GSTR 5 Non Resident Taxable Person 08:46

GSTR 6 Input Service Distributor 04:53

GSTR 6 Input Service Distributor Continued 03:25

GSTR 7 Person deducting tax 04:05

GSTR 8 E-commerce Operators 07:11
21. Payments (Hindi)
15 videos
Payment of taxes 05:18

Flow of entries in the Electronic Ledgers 08:06

Tax paid by third party 04:27

Electronic Tax Liability Register 03:04

Electronic ITC Ledger 03:33

Electronic Cash Ledger 02:58

Refunds Timelines - UNO and Embassies 05:04

Refunds Timelines-Normal taxable person and Unutilised ITC 04:33

Relevant Date 09:14

Refund process and forms- A bird's eye view 04:30

Application for Refund-RFD 01, 10 - documents required 14:18

Refund Process, RFD-02,03, 08, 09 03:03

Provisional Refund, RFD 04 04:57

Interest on refund 03:04
22. Offences and Penalities (Hindi)
14 videos
Offences: Invoices and information 05:45

Offences: Tax amount 04:18

Offences: Supply of goods and others 02:22

Offences: Third Person 02:51

Penalties 04:43

Penalties continued 04:57

Prosecution Offences 04:51

Prosecution Terms 03:19

Goods liable for confiscation 04:14

Detention, seizure 03:51

Release 07:29

Confiscation 05:05

Compunding Negative List 04:16

Compounding Fee 02:55
23. Impact on trading sector (Hindi)
11 videos
Overview 06:42

Negative-1 06:08

Negative-2 to 4 06:10

Negative-5,6 06:04

Negative-7 07:44

Benefits-1,2 19:38

Benefit-3 09:26

Benefit-4 05:31

Benefit-5 07:58

Benefit-6 to 11 11:57

Benefit-12 06:12

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