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Beginners Guide to Fundamentals of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a SOC (System On Chip) or a tiny computer that can be used to make a wide array of projects. Join this course and enter the world of computing and programming.

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About the topic:

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized single board computers made in the UK by the non-profit Raspberry Pi Foundation for educational purposes. It includes a graphic processor unit (GPU) and either a single-core ARMv6-compatible CPU or one of the newer variants for computing along with various other onboard features. This smart little device enables people to explore the computing world and learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. It is capable of doing everything a desktop computer can do, from making spreadsheets, word-processing to playing high-definition videos and games.

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Course Objectives:

This tutorial will help you understand the world of hardware programming. From installing the Raspberry Pi to making innovative projects, here are the things that are part of this course:

  • Programming Raspberry Pi with languages like Python and Scratch
  • Learning about the various functions of the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins
  • Introduction to LED interfacing and running the program

Target Audience:

The aim of the Raspberry Pi foundation is to make programming accessible for everyone. We at ChalkStreet share a similar passion for learning. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn programming and to develop new and better ways of doing things using Raspberry Pi. So join the course today and be a part of the amazing world of Raspberry Pi.

Course Plan
Certificate of completion

1. Let's Begin!
6 videos
Introduction 01:21

Different Models of Raspberry Pi 07:50

Features: Raspberry Pi-2 05:18

Components: Raspberry Pi Model & Raspberry Pi 2 02:27

What you can (can't) do on Raspberry Pi 04:24
2. Setting up Raspberry Pi
7 videos
OS supported by Raspberry Pi 03:47

Starting Rasprberry Pi- with Raspbian OS 23:33

Starting Rasprberry- with NOOB 09:46

Connecting to Internet & Configuring Static IP 02:47

Raspbian Desktop 03:37

Basics: Linux Commands 10:35

Installing Softwares on Raspbian 09:21
3. Connect Raspberry Pi to Laptop
2 videos
Getting the Connection right 20:55

File Transfer 06:26
4. Programming with Pi
3 videos
Editors: Nano, vi/vim/gvim 07:34

Programming Languages on Pi 01:54

Basics: Python 14:35
5. GPIO: Difference between Model B & Rpi 2
3 videos
What is GPIO? 01:21

Header & Modes of GPIO 06:19

Python: GPIO Library 03:15
6. Accessing GPIO as Output
4 videos
GPIO as Output: Circuit Diagram 05:22

Scratch 06:03

Python 08:17
7. Accessing GPIO as Input
2 videos
GPIO as Input: Circuit Diagram 07:36

GPIO as Input 05:11
8. Hand's on Experience
2 videos
Interfacing LED Matrix 07:40

Running the Program 07:49
9. Raspberry Pi as Media Centre
2 videos  · 1 test
OSMC: Open Source Media Centre 16:08

Conclusion 03:38

Test 1 13:32

Meet the Author

Nayan Mujadiya
Organizer, iRaspberry Pi Meetup
Nayan is a Computer Science Engineer from IIIT Hyderabad. He is currently working as an R&D Engineer in Synopsys. He is passionate about electronics and hardware programming on the Raspberry Pi. He also conducts workshops and holds meetups under the banner "iRaspberryPi".
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