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Fitness Training: Train with Mr. Universe

Whitefield Total Fitness brings you the best gym instructor you could ask for! Find your own fitness path with Mr Universe and gain the fitness you have always dreamed about!

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About this course

Physical fitness is a term used for the general state of health and well-being. But the "path to fitness" differs from one person to another. This course will help you do just that. It will help you understand fitness, your body, while helping you increase functional fitness and increased muscle strength. This course will also highlight the importance of gym workouts, which will benefit anyone given the required dedication and proper guidance from a trainer. 

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Course Objectives

This fitness course will inform you about:

  • General Gym etiquettes
  • Basic Gym Kit
  • Basic Warm-up exercises
  • Basic Gym workouts for various muscles
  • Using various gym equipment in the right way to get the best results
  • Getting the much needed motivation from Mr. Universe
Who is this course for?

This course will benefit anyone who wants to achieve high levels of functional fitness and increased muscle strength. This course can be taken up by people of any age, group and sex. 

Course Plan

1. Introduction
1 video
Gym Nutrition, Kit & Etiquette 01:34
2. Body Basics
3 videos
Warm Up 05:32

Pull Up 01:33

Push Up 01:12
3. Chest
2 videos
Pec Fly 02:10
4. Back
2 videos
Lat Pull Down 01:57

5. Biceps
1 video
Hammer curl 01:44
6. Triceps
2 videos
One Arm Dumbbell Extension 01:46

Cable Pull Down 01:31
7. Leg
2 videos
Leg Press 01:28

Leg Extension 02:04
8. Abs
2 videos
Crunches 01:41

Leg Raise 01:12
9. Conclusion
1 video
Conclusion 03:36

Meet the Author

Sandeep Roy
Manager, WTF- Whitefield Total Fitness
WTF - Whitefield Total Fitness is a team of individuals who have become a family which has its heart and soul in providing the people with a healthy lifestyle. WTF is all about being a people's brand and is not primarily focused on the commercial aspect, and believes in contributing to the community by helping it attain a healthy lifestyle and educating them about the benefits of a fit mind and body. We put in more than a 100% of our efforts in providing knowledge to our clients about the importance of health and fitness which they fail to understand. WTFs strength lies in its uniqueness as a fitness center and its ability to adapt to the client's mindset and yet provide a fun and intense workout routine which improves all the aspects of fitness.
Ratings and Reviews     4.2/5

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