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Successful Facilitation of Adult Learning Groups

Prepare to achieve your course goals and the goals of your adult learners, be it at your workplace or in your community. Understand adult learning theory, principles and needs of adult learners.

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Course Introduction:

Instructing groups of diverse adult learners is a unique field, different in significant ways from teaching in an institutional academic setting. The adult learner brings to the learning situation many strengths, as well as needs, that the instructor must understand and take into account. Skilful facilitation is a foundation of effective adult continuing education. This course provides the instructor with a rationale and a framework for creating a positive, supportive learning environment for adult learners.

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Course Objectives:

By subscribing to this course, you will:

  • Be able to identify factors that contribute to learner diversity.
  • Understand the special characteristics and needs of adult learners.
  • Learn what constitutes effective collaborative learning in adult education.

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This course is designed for:

  • A person who has responsibilities for instruction or training in his or her workplace.
  • Someone who wants to move to face-to-face instruction with adult learners.
  • Facilitator in a community of continuing education group.

No formal training is necessary for you to benefit from this course, but you need a strong desire to learn and a willingness to practice what you learn.

Course Plan

1. Course Objectives
1 video
Course Objectives 01:55
2.  Learner Diversity
3 videos  · 1 test
Objectives 01:01

How can learners differ from each other? 02:48

Quiz 1: Learner Diversity 05:58
3. Characteristics and Needs of Adult Learners
4 videos  · 1 test
Objectives 00:51

What are the "adult learning principles"? 03:49

What are the characteristics of the adult learner? 03:59

What are the particular needs of adult learners? 04:14

Quiz 2: Characteristics and Needs of Adult Learners
4. Features of Effective Collaborative Learning
4 videos  · 1 test
Objectives 00:58

What is a useful working description of the term "collaborative learning"? 01:08

Lecture 12: Collaborative learning and adult learning principles, characteristics, and needs 02:29

Quiz 3: Features of Effective Collaborative Learning
5. Effective Group Structure and Dynamics
7 videos  · 1 test
Objectives 01:20

What is the role of the instructor/facilitator in adult collaborative learning? 08:15

What is the role of the learner in adult collaborative learning? 07:08

What is the role of collaborative goal setting? 05:07

What are some methods of building effective teams for collaborative learning? 08:43

What is the place of empathic listening in collaborative learning? 05:20

What are some features of appropriate feedback in collaborative learning? 07:57

Quiz 4: Effective Group Structure and Dynamics
6. Effective Collaborative Tasks
3 videos  · 1 test
How does problem solving fit collaborative learning? 06:38

Collaborative learning tasks appropriate for multilevel adult learning 09:18

Quiz 5: Effective Collaborative Tasks
7. Formative Assessment
4 videos  · 1 test
Objectives 01:11

What are the differences between formative and summative assessment? 02:01

What is the role of formative assessment? 02:40

Formative assessment and the learner's life beyond the instructional setting 04:27

Quiz 6: Formative Assessment

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Leigh holds a Bachelor of Arts in English & Philosophy, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Arts (Ed.) in Curriculum Development, and a Doctor of Education in Reading Education. He has taught public school (all grades from four to twelve) and was vice principal and principal of various public schools. He developed and taught a study skills course at an international university in Japan, where he was a tenured professor. He has now written five books on study skills and produced YouTube videos on study skills. He has had poetry published widely in literary magazines and anthologies and has published five books of poetry, as well as a novel.
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