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ARM Cortex-M Bare-Metal Embedded-C Programming

This tutorial teaches Assembly Programming in an application-oriented method. This course contains detailed explanations about Cortex-M Assembly, Cortex-M embedded-C, Cortex-M Software Interface Standard, Writing Data into address blocks and a lot more concepts.

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About this course

This ARM Cortex-M and Embedded C Programming tutorial implements a practical approach to cover key areas such as pointers, structures, memory navigation and writing data into address blocks. This course focuses on learning the 32-bit processor ARM Cortex M3 and M4, step-by-step. With the help of this course, the learner can understand how the C statements translate to machine instructions and how fast the ARM processor can execute them in real-time. The main aim of this course is to provide learners with practical skills and a strong foundation. This unique ARM online course teaches the learners how to produce well-written codes which run efficiently, covering the key aspects of the ARM Cortex-M ecosystem.

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Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will:

  • Thoroughly understand how different codes can affect the performance of a program
  • Thoroughly understand the CMSIS core and CMSIS compliant C code
  • Be able to write Embedded programs using only pointers and memory addresses
  • Be able to write professional and efficient Embedded C programs. 
Who is this course for?

The course targets the following audience:

  • Engineering students pursuing Embedded systems
  • Professionals using Embedded system design concepts
  • Hobbyists enthusiastic about ARM architecture & various ARM Development Tools
  • Software Engineer looking at grasping the essentials of bare metal system to life
Course Plan

1. Welcome
1 video
Introduction 00:47
2. Introduction to ARM Cortex-M
4 videos
What is the ARM Cortex-M? 01:01

What are 32-bits Processors? 02:00

The Cortex-M family of 32-bits Processors 02:54

Microprocessor vs. Microcontroller 01:40
3. The Cortex-M Architecture
3 videos
PSR - Program Status Register 03:13
4. The ARM Cortex-M Internals and Debugging
11 videos
Writing a Simple Counter Program 06:13

The Memory Views 02:51

Changes in the View 06:16

Counter Program v2 03:04

How Conditions Behave 07:40

How Conditions Behave (continued) 01:55

The Cortex-M Memory Map 01:48

The Cortex-M Memory Map (continued) 02:05

Big Endian vs. Little Endian 04:47

Global Variables and RAM Storage 06:33
5. Introduction to Cortex-M Assembly
5 videos
The Instruction Set Architecture 02:43

Upward Compatibility 02:57

Assembly Language Syntax 03:37

Assembly Directives 03:27

6. Navigating the ARM Cortex-M Internals with Embedded-C
5 videos
Pointers 04:14

Blinky with Pointers and Raw Address (Part II) 14:18

Blinky with Pointers and Raw Address (Part III) 06:45
7. The ARM Cortex-M Embedded-C Essentials
13 videos
Using Preprocessors 04:23

Using Preprocessors from the Datasheet 01:56

Adding Silicon Vendors' Header Files 08:38

The Importance of the Volatile Keyword 03:55

The Importance of the Volatile Keyword (continued) 01:07

Introduction to Bitwise Operations 06:24

Applying Bitwise Operations 04:23

Applying Bitwise Operations (continued) 09:55

Writing Functions 05:18

Function Arguments 03:00

Importing Functions from Another File 06:05

Using IFNDEF to Prevent Multiple Declaration 03:29

Declaring Fixed Width Variables 14:35
8. Managing Data with Structures in Embedded-C
4 videos
Introduction to Structures 07:14

Simplifying Structures with typedef 09:15

Accessing Structure Members using the dot Operator 03:23

Accessing Structure Members using the dot Operator (continued) 09:27
9. The Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard
10 videos
Introduction to CMSIS 04:17

Examining the CMSIS Documentation 06:07

Writing Our First CMSIS Program 04:50

Understanding How CMSIS works (Part I) 05:44

Understanding How CMSIS works (Part II) 04:17

Understanding How CMSIS works (Part III) 02:38

Making our Old Blinky Program CMSIS Compliant 05:59

Writing a CMSIS Compliant Program from Scratch (Part I) 09:53

Writing a CMSIS Compliant Program from Scratch (Part II) 12:56

Writing a CMSIS Compliant Program from Scratch (Part III) 10:12
10. Setting Up Development Environment and Toolchains
3 videos
Downloading and Installing Keil uVision5 06:33

Downloading and Installing USB Drivers for Tiva C Microcontroller 03:51

Keil uVision 5 Overview 03:10

Meet the Author

Embedded Hardware Designer
He is the owner and webmaster of 'cortex-m dot com'. He has an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Engineering and taught Mechatronics Engineering to university students. He has also built some amazing robots and embedded devices. He is currently studying a double master's degree in 'Global Innovation Design' at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Arts.
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